Building a blockchain solely to encrypt names - is it possible?

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  • Hamza

    Hello together, I hope this is the right subcategory and this question is not too stupid. Background is that I would like to build a small blockchain after reading this post: I have limited coding knowledge and I´m currently doing a python beginner course. Therefore I wanted to ask, simply as a nice gimmick, if it is possible to build a blockchain (application) which has the sole purpose of encrypting and decrypting names, phrases, etc.? Why would somebody want to do this you might ask? On the one hand because I see if a person with limited programming knowledge can succeed in creating such a system. On the other hand because I think it could be a cool gimmick for people to introduce them to the blockchain environment. I know this might seem a bit an odd question, but are there any technical barriers that I should be aware of? Would it also be possible to host this blockchain solution on a homepage so everyone could access it? Sort of a replication of this homepage: I know that probably I wouldn´t even need a blockchain for it, but it would be great to combine these two things! Thanks a lot in advance!

    2 months ago